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Ongoing care and attention is the key to keeping your yard and trees in prime condition. Regular tree pruning and tree lopping in Brisbane can improve your yard's overall health, safety and appearance. Engaging a Brisbane certified arborist for tree pruning services is the simple way to enhance the natural beauty of your trees and landscape.

Diseased/Dead Trees

While a tree may look healthy, the weather and soil conditions it is subject to may mean that in reality it's actually riddled with disease or dead branches. The team at Brisbane Treeworx are highly knowledgeable and familiar with the signs of an unhealthy tree, whether it’s affected by inherent rotting, insect infestation, or thin deteriorating branches.

Regular tree pruning of diseased, broken and/or dead branches can help restore your tree to optimal health. Even if your tree is not presently affected by deteriorating health, reducing or removing live branches will improve the tree structure and help safeguard against rotting in the future.

Safety & Trees

Regular inspection of large trees in your yard is a must! By neglecting trees, large branches may fall and cause serious damage to your property, as well as the potential loss of the entire tree. While most property owners are equipped with basic tools prune their own trees, Brisbane Treeworx can be counted on for effective and safe tree pruning and tree lopping in Brisbane. With the unpredictablity of storms n Queensland, it’s even more important to prune back thin, low-hanging, deteriorating or dead tree branches to protect against possible storm damage. 



The minimal effort involved in tree pruning will make even the most understated yards significantly more attractive. As trees grow and produce longer and additional branches each year, yards look increasingly untidy and unloved. Ongoing upkeep to cut back and remove branches will increase your tree’s natural beauty and your entire landscape’s overall appearance and value.

Brisbane Treeworx specialises in all Brisbane tree services, tree removal, tree lopping, tree pruning, weight reduction, branch removal and emergency work.

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