Tree Care and Garden Maintenance Brisbane

At Brisbane Treeworx, we care about your trees and preventing disease, pests, branch/limb dropping or losing your tree altogether. We can work with you to develop a treatment plan and improve the overall health of your trees.

Many of our customers are amazed at how simple tree care and garden maintenance in Brisbane is for every level of gardener. Embrace your green-thumb and follow a few simple steps, you will be amazed at how lush your trees and garden will look!

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Gardening Basics

First and foremost, uncomplicated garden maintenance requires good soil. Plants thrive in moist but well-drained soil. We recommend using composted manure or leaf mould.

Organic fertilisers, compost and mulching materials enhance the nutrient level of your soil. The more you can use, the better. Be economical and make your own compost from left over kitchen scraps.

When it comes to purchasing plants, read the plant description tag and do your research prior to planting. Buy plants of similar species that can be planted together; this will mean less effort as they will all require the same amount of water, light, soil conditions, and so on.

Recommended Garden and Plant Tree Species

Brisbane Treeworx recommends planting and/or replacing trees suited to survive the conditions of your particular backyard. This depends on conditions such as sunlight, shade and soil. Our South East Queensland climate is suited to a huge range of plant species, making garden maintenance a breeze. Before choosing plants, consider factors like branch drop, leaf litter, size and the recommended level of upkeep.

Check out the Brisbane City Council website for an extensive list of native plants, descriptions and growing requirements. You can also access a variety of plants through the Free Native Plant Program that are suitable for all garden types and sizes in South East Queensland.  

Tree and Garden Upkeep

Ongoing tree care and attention is the key to keeping your trees and garden in prime condition and. Watering or hosing plants is every few days is important; a long, deep watering will increase moisture in the soil and encourage the plant roots to go deeper.

Trees should be trimmed or pruned back in the winter months to prevent potential damage in storm season and to reduce the impact of overgrowth and development. Our recommendation is pruning back by about one-third. You may also want to consider if your tree requires crown/weight reduction, thinning, uplifting or dead wooding.


Be sure to respond quickly to pests or diseases in your plants. You can identify plant defects by checking leaves for holes or discolouration. Talk to your local nursery about what action can be taken in the form of sprays or treatments for your plants.  

Regular inspection of large trees in your backyard is a must. By neglecting trees, large branches may fall and cause serious damage to your property, as well as the potential loss of the tree. Brisbane Treeworx can assist you with professional tree and garden advice by identifying which trees require pruning and giving your trees an overall health check.

Brisbane Treeworx offer personalised consultations to assist with yard planning and management. If you require advice or assistance, call us on 0400 249 099 or fill out our enquiry form.