Palm Tree Removal Services

Brisbane Treeworx provides professional palm tree removal and palm tree cleaning at an affordable price.

In our tropical climate, palm trees grow quickly, dropping branches and leaving fruit and seeds on the ground. Cocos Palms, Cuban Royal Palms, Alexandra Palms and Palmetto Palms have the reputation of being high maintenance trees and it's recommended these kinds of palms are cleaned regularly, pruned or removed.

We can offer the following services for your palms:

                  - Complete palm removal 
                  - Removal of seed/fruit pods as required
                  - Removal of dead or hazardous palm fronds
                  - Pruning or palm shaping
                  - Difficult palm removal from tight spaces (e.g. pool areas)

Contact us today to discuss your palm tree needs. We can come out and have a look and provide advice for free.

Other tree services 

Not only do we offer all palm tree services, we also offer all types of tree lopping, tree removal and tree trimming at reasonable prices.