Large tree removal - Narangba

We had all hands on deck to remove this large Cadagi Tree from a customer's backyard at Narangba.

This big boy was constantly dropping branches and leaves onto the garden shed and causing quite a headache. Going into Autumn/Winter they knew it was time to give it a good prune back or remove it entirely. 

Brisbane Treeworx provided this customer a free quote with a number of options including lopping branches, weight reduction or an entire removal. It was decided that an entire removal waa the best option. 

Using our qualified arborists and ground crew, Brisbane Treeworx safely and efficiently removed the highest branches and worked their way down to the trunk. 

From removing such a large tree, there was considerable clean and tidy up to be done. A lot of raking and clearing of debris was done to ensure this customers back yard was left in tip top condition. 

Do you have a large tree in your yard that cocnerns you? Why not have a chat to Michael and see what can be done? He can be contacted on 0400249099 or via email 7 days a week.