Tree Assessments and Reports

Arborist Assessments

We have qualified arborists who can provide you with a complete tree health assessment and/or arborist tree reports.

Arborist reports and assessments are carried out for a variety of reasons, most commonly before purchasing a property or for a development application. Purchasers may also want to assess the condition and/or issue(s) of the trees on the property before buying.

During the assessment, our arborist will inspect the tree's health, dimensions, branches, roots, location and look for any diseases or pests. A detailed report will then be provided to the owner, assessing the issues and risks associated with the tree(s). Recommendations and a plan of action will also be included in the report. The plan of action may be tree pruning, bracing, lopping or a complete tree removal.

Other Tree Advice

We can provide the following other tree advice:

  • Tree inspections
  • Tree risk assessments
  • Tree management plans
  • Tree management advice
  • Disease & disorder diagnosis

To enquire about our tree assessments and reports, please email or call Michael on 0400249099.