Trees add value to property


Maybe money grows on trees after all? Research shows that trees and landscaping can add 10-20% more value to the sale of your home. Trees are considered the most valuable element in any landscape - particularly healthy, mature and well-manicured trees.

Lush and thriving trees enhance the overall appearance and gives an initial ‘curbside appeal’ to prospective buyers approaching your property. Regardless of the size or structure of a house it will always look a bit harsh or 'naked' if there are no trees to frame it. Trees can also cleverly conceal any physical 'shortfalls' your house may have.

Privacy Benefits

The other benefit mature trees provide is of course privacy, providing a barrier between you and your neighbours is a big tick in buyer appeal. No one wants to be making eye contact with thee neighbours while cooking dinner or going about their business!

Energy Saving Benefits

Energy saving costs is another plus, did you know having mature trees in your yard can reduce air-conditioning needs by 30% and in the winter can save 20-50% as they effectively block the wind. 

Regularly prune your trees

Keep your trees in top shope shape by regularly pruning them. If you are pruning trees yourself, we recommend restraint - the last thing you want is to hack your trees to a shadow of their former selves! If you want the job done properly, engage a qualified Brisbane tree lopper (hint hint) t to make sure your trees are well maintained. 

We can also help with tidying up your yard and improving it's aesthetic appeal, so it's ready to go on the market! Let us give you the sellers edge, call the Brisbane Treeworx team today.