Signs your tree is dying


When you’re out in the yard next, take a look up at your trees.                

Trees will show obvious signs when they dying or dead. Here are a few things you should look out for:

  1. Saw dust or ants going up and down the base of the tree. This could be an indication of decay inside the trunk.
  2. Fungus or mushrooms growing on the bark is typically a sign of soft decaying trunk or branches.
  3. Deep holes/cracks, peeling bark
  4. The presence of pests
  5. Yellow leaves on a tree that usually has green leaves
  6. More than a third of the tree doesn’t have leaves

By taking early action, it could avoid falling trees and branches onto your property or a person. Contact a reputable tree services company like Brisbane Treeworx to give your tree(s) a full health assessment and recommendations.