Stump Grinding Brisbane


Brisbane Treeworx is very pleased to now offer Stump Grinding to all it's customers across Brisbane and beyond! 

Our stump grinder is an efficient and impressive piece of equipment that can cut your tree stump down and remove it from the ground, turning it into mulch like material. 

Why remove a tree stump?

There are many reasons why you should remove a tree stump:

  • Aesthetics - an unsightly stump in the middle of the yard can detract from the overall look of your garden/lawn. 
  • Safety - tree stumps not cut down to ground level can be a trip hazard 
  • Space - getting rid of a tree stump will open up the space in your backyard 
  • Infestation - tree stumps can become infested with white ants or other insects, causing it to rot away 

Let us remove your tree and the stump at the same time

If you have already decided to remove a tree from your yard, why not ask us to remove the stump while we're there. 

But if you have an unwanted tree stump in the yard, let us take care of it in the most cost efficient, easiest and hassle-free way! Give Michael a call today to arrange a free quote on 0400 249 099