How To Maintain Trees Around Your Home & Why – Part 1


How To Maintain Trees Around Your Home & Why – Part  1

Most Aussie yards have an abundance of trees, but living in an area like Brisbane, you may also find that they require a lot of work to maintain and keep safe. The great news is, you can do most of this yourself with a little know-how. For anything you can’t do yourself though, give us a call and we will happily tend to all your tree removal or trimming needs.

General Maintenance

Obviously, if you’re living in South East Queensland, you’ll understand the need to regularly water your plants. Trees are a little different though, as you can't just give them a quick soak and be done with it. Tree roots aren’t particularly deep, but they are deep enough to require a slow, long watering. Also, because tree roots extend out from the tree at a length equal to or up to twice as long as the height of the tree, you’ll need to estimate this and water them away from the trunk.

To conserve water (which is prudent in our area), do most of your watering in the afternoon so the heat of the day doesn’t evaporate it. Mulch your trees to keep the moisture in the soil and use grey water (water collected from the bath, shower, washing machine etc and re-used) whenever you can – just be sure it doesn’t contain detergents or other chemicals. Your best bet though is to plant natives that don’t require much water.

Reasons For Pruning

There are a few reasons for pruning, and these are:

Safety – Not only are falling branches anger out, they can be lethal in some cases! You should do regular checks of your big trees to ensure none of their branches are dead or unstable. As a very general rule, if you notice a branch has gone grey and dry, has stopped growing foliage or has started dropping many smaller branches off it, it’s likely dead and will need to be removed. If you notice any branches that have cracked or are hanging by only their bark, they are damaged and will need to be removed. If you’re not sure, please have your tree checked professionally, as dead and unstable branches are often hard to spot. It’s also I,portent to have branches trimmed if they are obstructing your view when you enter or exit your driveway or if they are impinging on utility lines. In the latter case, NEVER attempt to trim these yourself.

Beauty – A pruned tree is a beautiful tree; however, you need to be very careful to prune in a way that will emphasise your trees aesthetics and health. Don’t try to prune into an unnatural shape, or over-prune, as this could seriously damage your lovely tree.

Health – Trees really do love a good prune and doing so increases their health by promoting good airflow and encouraging regrowth. When we say a ‘good’ prune though, we mean it. A ‘bad’ prune can harm or even kill your trees, so it’s important to get it right.  

Please continue at ‘How To Maintain Trees Around Your Home & Why – Part 2’ for more great tips and techniques.

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