How Giving Your Tree a Report Card Will Benefit Your Garden


If you love gardening, we have a few clever tips that will help you become faster and more efficient. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to protect your plants from harsh weather conditions, pests, and diseases. Let’s get started.

1. Build a Tree Report

Take a walk around your garden and make a note of all the trees you’ve grown. Write down details like the name of the tree, the location of the tree in the backyard, and its overall condition. Examine the trunk, the canopy, and the roots to look for signs of decay or infestation. Write down what needs to be done for each tree and work towards that goal.

2. Use Packing Peanuts

Don’t like the idea of carrying large pots around. Fill the bottom of the pots with packing peanuts and then add a layer of landscape fabric on top. Add soil on top of the fabric and watch your plants grow. Packing peanuts lighten the load and allow for good drainage.

3. Don’t Discard All Your Kitchen Waste

Grind eggshells and use them to give your plants a healthy dose of calcium. You could also use leftover water from boiling vegetables to fertilise the soil. Wait for it to come down to room temperature before pouring it out onto your garden bed.

4. Stop Invasive Plants

To prevent invasive plants from spreading their roots far and wide in your garden, plant them in plastic containers and bury them in the ground. Make sure you cut off the base of the plastic pot before burying it. You’ll have better control over the size and growth of the plant if you follow this tip.

5. Watering Deep

If you want to water roots that are deep in the soil, bury a nursery pot into the soil and plant seeds around it. Fill the empty nursery pot with water as and when required. It will channel the water deeper into the ground’s soil.

6. Pinch the Leaves

Whether this one’s an old wives' tale or not, it still works. Pinch the tips of your beautiful leaves to encourage further growth. They naturally multiply without too much effort on your part.

7. Clean up Your Garden

Get rid of old tree stumps and overgrown branches. Clear out rotting plants and give your garden a thorough clean. It will deter pests from nesting, and give you more space to grow plants.

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