Holland Park Tree Removal


The Brisbane Treeworx boys were kept busy removing a large Brush Box tree from a customer's front yard in Holland Park. The customer made the decision to remove the tree for safety and aesthetic reasons. The tree was dropping branches and debris into the neighbours yard and they were concerned a limb may drop and injure property or a person. Check out the 'before' and 'after' pictures below of this large tree removal. If you look close at the before picture, you will see our expert arborist Dougal high up in the tree removing branches!

Have you got a tree in your back (or front) yard that is causing you concern? Has it been dropping leaves, debris or branches and you are not sure how to manage it? Brisbane Treeworx appreciate the importance of trees in a yard for shade, appearance and environmental reasons. Talk to us about how you can maintain your trees without putting yourself, your family or your home at risk by falling branches. Some easy tree lopping may be all that it needs without having to remove the tree entirely. 

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Holland Park West Tree Removal

Holland Park West Tree Removal
  Holland Park Tree Lopping