Large Fig Tree Pruning


Lucky we aren't afraid of heights here at Brisbane Treeworx, as this giant fig tree was quite a high climb!  

This customer had initially called us to remove a dead tree from their back yard and while onsite, we noticed this impressive old fig towering over the property. It was evident that there was a number of dead branches on this tree, and that the overall health of the tree was suffering. We recommended to the customer that 'deadwooding' i.e. the removal of dead and/or diseased branches and a general tidy up was required to revive the fig tree. 

As trees age, deadwooding is important not only or the health of your tree but also for safety reasons. Dying or diseased branches have a high risk of breaking off and damaging property or people underneath it. 

The end result of the fig tree pruning was a healthy and attractive tree! 

Don't let your trees become a hazard, if you are concerned please contact us - your Brisbane Tree Lopping experts.