Falling In Love With Autumn Flowers


Fall brings out the best in nature, giving us a spectacular show of colour right before the grey and brown of winter settle in. Gardeners should not let the trees bursting with reds, oranges, and yellows have all the fun. You can put on your own autumn show with the right mixture of flowers and other plants. A wide range of lovely flowering plants thrives as temperatures cool, and the days shorten.

Kangaroo Paws

These colourful and tubular flowers generally emerge in May and remain in bloom right up until November in most places. While Western Australia embraces the red form of the plant on its emblem, it also pops out in a variety of other colors, including yellow and even black.


Perfect for a garden needing colour in autumn, pansies veritably explode with it. Yellows, purples, and other shades with petals sporting frilly or even striped patterns will make your garden come alive starting in March and will flower all the way through until spring.


Also known as waxflower, this star-shaped beauty named for English botanist James Crowe grows out of small bushes and is native to Victoria. Crowea can bloom in a variety of colors from lavender to orange. The shrub which produces Crowea only grows to 0.75 metres in height, making it a fine fit for even small gardens.


Nasturtium brings a dual benefit. Besides bringing multiple blooms of eye-popping red or orange colour to your garden, this autumn flower can also expand your palate. Nasturtium, which comes from Latin for “nose twist” can add spice and contrasting flavors to food as different as salad and mayonnaise.


Despite the colloquial term referring to a person who blends into the background, wallflower stalks grow taller than most flowers and produce abundant blooms of purple, pink, or other colours. They not only last, but also bring a sweet fragrance to your garden. No worries--wallflowers will definitely stand out.

While planning your autumn garden, take advantage of the more comfortable climate to do other necessary work. The cooler temperatures also make routine garden maintenance much more safe and comfortable. While surrounded by your autumn blooms, take the opportunity to prune trees and bushes, assess plant health, and make sure that your garden is in tip-top shape by the time hot weather returns.

Spring and summer do not have to be the only times when your garden presents stunning colour and beauty. Consider these and hundreds of other possibilities to liven up your garden space during the autumn months.