Confined Space Tree Removal Hawthorne


Do you have a tree in your backyard that's in a confined, hard to reach spot? Have you just assumed it is too hard or expensive to get rid of it?

Brisbane Treeworx are the team to call for difficult, complex tree removals.  We specialise in difficult access and confined space tree removals.

Today the team were working in Hawthorne removing a Chinese Elm (class 3 pest plant) from a small courtyard. This tree was very overgrown and dropping leaves and debris into the customer's small courtyard and onto neighbouring propertie's yards. The Chinese Elm is particularly destructive during the winter months when it starts to shed it's leaves. 

The guys were able to safely and quickly remove this tree which resulted in opening up the cusotmer's yard area considerably. The customer's were very happy with the result and are looking forward to enjoying more of their back area. 

Do you have a pest tree that needs removing or pruned back? Winter is the best time to get tree work done, before Spring, when new growth starts.  Give us a call to discuss our tree services today on 0400249099. 

Hawthorne Chinese Elm Overgrown Chinese Elm Trunk HawthorneChinese Elm Tree Removal