Cat Rescue from Gum Tree


Earlier this week we received a call from a resident in Paddington, Brisbane about their cat which had become stranded high up in a gum tree near their place. The owner advised the cat had been stuck up there for four days and was becoming increasingly distressed. Not sure who to could assist her, she was recommended to call a tree lopper. 

Brisbane Treeworx was quick to respond the following morning, and we sent up our best arborist to perform the rescue. The cat was visibly distressed when our tree climber Dougal reached her. With care and patience, he was able to safely collect her, place her in a carry pouch and lower her down to ground. All appropriate safety ropes and climbing equipment was used in the operation.

Needless to say, the owner was very relieved to have their treasured pet back in safe hands and we were happy we could help out!

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cat tree rescue paddington  cat stuck in tree paddington