Are You Storm Ready?


Storm season is fast approaching and we urge you to be on the front foot and prepare your home. SEQ storms are typically fast moving, destructive and can pose a serious threat to your home, personal belongings and family.

Here are our top tips for getting storm ready!

  • Trim trees and shrubs. Get a tree professional to take a look at any trees in close proximity to your house
  • Clean your gutters, downpipes and drains to prevent blockages
  • Tidy up your backyard, secure loose items that could be picked up in strong winds
  • Check your insurance policy covers natural disasters
  • Get an emergency kit together i.e. portable radio, torches and a first aid kit

Remember: Brisbane Treeworx offers free quotes and advice for trees you are concerned about. Don’t wait and leave it till it’s too late, call us today 0400 249 099