5 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Palms Regularly


Palm trees are an excellent addition to any garden. They serve as a reminder of the tropics and they last for more than a century if you look after them well. Like most other trees, palms require regular maintenance and upkeep. It keeps them looking their best and protects them from disease and infestations. Let us look at the top five reasons why you ought to clean your palms regularly.

1. It Adds Value to Your Property

Well maintained trees increase the worth of your living or commercial space. Whether you’ve planted palms trees in your backyard or on your business premises, you need to attend to them periodically. Customers or clients visiting your office are more likely to do business with you if they know your office is well presented and the trees are well maintained. Elegant gardens with pruned palm trees also increase the total worth of any given property. So if you’re getting ready to sell, attend to your shaggy palm trees before putting up your home or office for sale.

2. It Keeps Pests at Bay

Rats, in particular, love dead palm fronds. They find it a great place to grow and hide a rat family. Since pests carry all types of diseases and destroy your home/office, you must clean dead palm fronds to keep creatures away. It’s not easy to remove dead palm fronds. You need sharp tools like a knife or a chainsaw for sturdy branches. Remember not to cut any green fronds. Only clean up fronds that have turned brown in colour.

3. Prevents Fire Hazards

Dry palm leaves are a great fire hazard. Regular pruning takes care of this problem and avoids accidental fires in your home or office.

4. Avoid Property Damage

Palm fronds can grow to be big, strong, and heavy. As they turn brown and start pointing downwards, they can be easily blown away by a strong gust of wind. Because of their weight and size, they can cause damage to your property or your neighbour’s property. You must act before it’s too late.

5. Prevents Germination

Some palm trees produce clusters of seeds that fall to the ground and germinate. The fruit produced by these trees also makes a mess and gives off a bad odour. Regular cleaning takes care of this problem. Once you get rid of the flowers and developing fruits, new fronds will get plenty of nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

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